Know You’re in the Bush When…

Paddock bombs (kids cars) are parked at the farm gate during school hours.

Old mud and dust covered bombs, antiquated, bits missing, sometimes even the roof cut off for a bit of ‘country cool’. You see them parked at the gate just waiting for the kids to return on the bus. A long driveway disappears over the hill and soon there’ll be a trail of dust.

Note: I was going to include a pic of a paddock bomb out in the countryside then I remembered this photo of my own paddock bomb back in 1965. She faithfully carried a whole bunch of teenagers around those paddocks for about 3 years until the day I got my driver’s licence. 

1965 and the old Austin freshly painted, with a brush!

7 thoughts on “Know You’re in the Bush When…

  1. My auntie’s old Hillman Minx became a paddock bomb and my cousin used to stick his head out of the top when they went spotlighting. Great photo of you but I think it’s a “veteran car” not a bomb. 🙂


      1. Auntie’s Hillman started out as her fancy car then became the delivery vehicle for her florist shop, after that my brother had it to drive to school. The last stage of its life was as the spotlighting vehicle so I imagine there was a bit of blood and gore decorating it then.


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