Wonder Woman

The Tarwin Lower pub in Victoria overlooks the muddy reed banks of the Tarwin River. Between the bar and the lounge there is a fabulous triple fireplace. The three brick chimneys entwine and twist toward the ceiling.

Two old codgers sit silently at the bar. On the dot of noon a breezy young barmaid flies through the front door and they both burst into animated conversation. It’s amazing what a woman can do.

Tarwin Lower Hotel
Tarwin Lower Hotel

5 thoughts on “Wonder Woman

  1. Stayed in Tarwin Lower at an Airbnb with the lovely Marlene but never ventured into the pub. Always had a line of locals giving the ‘you’re not from around here’ stare, which we weren’t. Beautiful part of Victoria though.


      1. Not sure I’d want to live there but it was fun to stay in an Airbnb for a week. Great as a base for travelling around the area.


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