The Architecture of Broome

In Broome, WA most buildings both old and new are constructed of corrugated iron. Wide verandahs are abundant. Like all buildings in this cyclone prone part of the country there is no guttering. Two storey buildings have brightly painted latticework that wraps around the verandahs allowing for the breeze yet providing some privacy. Roofs are high pitched and often have air chutes to allow the warm air to escape. The shape of the buildings is enough to describe the weather patterns.

Matso’s Brewery, Broome
Short Street Gallery, Broome

2 thoughts on “The Architecture of Broome

  1. Gosh. Aren’t they awfully hot? Or cold? Depending on the season. My husband lived in a quickly-thrown-up-after-the-war corrugated house as a small child, and he said it was dreadful – he remembers always being cold in winter.


    1. It’s all about air flow up north. Air ‘chimneys’ to suck out the heat. Often homes are raised above the ground to get the breezes. Did I mention the torrential rain?
      Down south in Melbourne corrugated iron is popular for its architectural look and the walls are well insulated for our cool climate. In Broome I doubt it gets cold just hot & dry or hot & wet. I would dearly love to experience a wet season in the top end. But certainly not in a caravan that’s for sure.

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