The Ferry Wrecks of South West Rocks

According to the NSW Maritime Department, 1800 ships have been wrecked off the NSW coast and only 10% have been found.

In January 1972 four vehicular ferries were being towed up the east coast to be broken up for scrap in the Philippines. The Kooroongaba sank off Crowdy Head, NSW. Then on January 9th the other three ferries broke their moorings and were washed ashore on Main Beach at South West Rocks. They were not salvaged but the Sydney Queen (originally known as Kalang) which had finished its life as a harbour show boat was set ablaze to stop looters.

Today the Koondooloo can be found almost engulfed by sand dunes and the Lurgurena has three pieces of ironwork visible above the waves. It would take a keener eye than mine to spot the last two pieces of the old Sydney Queen.

Main Beach, South West Rocks
Koondooloo wreck, South West Rocks



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