Cradle Mountain National Park

Last week’s episode of Back Roads on ABC TV that featured Cradle Mountain in Tasmania had me trawling through the archives. High up above the snowline where everything seems to wear a coat of moss, this old gate shows its … Continue reading Cradle Mountain National Park

Oh dear it’s Sunday!

Winter 2014 The road works on Townsville’s outskirts leave Gabbi Garmin, Google maps and us in a spin. Old roads have somehow disappeared and new ones have been recently built. Just when we manage to find our way to the city centre the road is closed because of an ‘event’ and there is no detour. We head towards The Strand (the waterfront drive) and discover that this is where the ‘event’ is taking place and we and the van are in the middle of a surf carnival and speed boat races. Every man and his dog is wandering across The … Continue reading Oh dear it’s Sunday!

Boxing Day

There are only two places to be today: Sydney for the start of the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race or In front of the TV watching the start of the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race eating Christmas leftovers which always taste better next day. For a few days or even less depending on the weather all eyes will be on a screen any screen watching their progress as these mega yachts fly down the coast, cross Bass Strait, track down Tassie’s east coast and swoop into the Derwent River. Where thousands of yachting faithfuls are waiting to cheer them into … Continue reading Boxing Day