This nomadic life can be so serendipitous. While wandering along a beach I meet a couple who were originally from the Mornington Peninsula and who now live on the north coast of NSW. They’re encouraging the littlies to find flotsam and we’re all picking about looking for interesting things from the last tide. It turns out that he is Bill Silverstein and he wrote a book called Down Under Magic about the early days of skin and SCUBA diving in Port Phillip Bay. Bill was in the diving search party for the body of Prime Minister Harold Holt (a keen diver) who disappeared while swimming at Cheviot Beach in Portsea on Melbourne’s Mornington Peninsula in December of 1967. This chance meeting jogged my memory as I was out walking the dog when the motorcade passed by rushing the Prime Minister’s wife Zara Holt to Portsea.



6 thoughts on “Beachcombing

    1. No they didn’t. The politically paranoid say the Russians took him off in a submarine. The humorists love to joke about how we can’t even keep track of our PM. But it is a rocky ocean coastline with kelp beds, sharks, rips and rough seas.

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