FIFO Travellers

You know the ones and we’re all guilty, they fly in for a few days then fly home and talk forever about when they ‘did’ Rome or Mauritius. Or the cruise ships that once stayed several days in port but these days only give passengers 6 or 8 hours to see a city in its entirety. Oh dear as I write this Woody has just stripped naked and dunked himself in the river! Thinks he’s 17 not 71. Now where was I? Yes, 6 hours in port “Oh yes, we did Barcelona, Kyoto or Vancouver.” The antithesis of this is … Continue reading FIFO Travellers

Are We Losing It…again?

Winter 2017 We’ve been out of TV range for the last few nights so we started watching Season 4 of A Place to Call Home (a family saga set in New South Wales). After a big night at the bowling club where we are camped we thought that we might just watch the first episode. We had awful trouble trying to remember who was on with who from the last series but what the heck. After all it had been quite a few years since we saw the last season on TV. Needless to say we fell into bed feeling … Continue reading Are We Losing It…again?