Upon Reflection

Upon reflection, I doubt that many would want a repeat of 2017. Dec 2017 While we sat in tranquility at Vaughan Springs breathing in the warm country air a storm crossed high above us, in the very tops of the trees and continued on to Melbourne to drop heavy rain and cause havoc. In the morning we woke to perfect reflections on the still waters of the small weir, passed pleasantries with our neighbours, played on the kids slide and watched insects water ski on the weir. May your 2018 be tranquil. Continue reading Upon Reflection

Anticlinal Fold

Now there’s a word that doesn’t come into daily use. Woody is used to hitting the brakes when I shout “What the hell is that?” But this bit of rock took us by surprise. We weren’t quite sure what it was but gee we’re glad we saw it. The plaque reads: Anticlinal Fold This fine exhibit was discovered when Lyttleton Street East was constructed in 1874. Saddle reefs occur in similar folds of the sandstones and slates on lower geological horizons. Continue reading Anticlinal Fold

A Caravan Christmas

This morning I finished cleaning the van and hopefully found the last of the tiny pink prawn feelers that hide in grooves and corners just waiting to stink to high heaven. Yep we’re home and ready to go again, when the time and weather is right. With Christmas festivities fulfilled early this year we decided to embark on a Caravan Christmas. Having pleasant but hazy memories of what was to be forever deemed ‘Christmas at Sea’ back in ‘1980 something’ when we tied our trailable yacht to the Paynesville boat ramp jetty and set about cooking and feasting (in a … Continue reading A Caravan Christmas

Fill ‘er Up

The historic town of Maldon in Central Victoria with its flagstone footpaths and deep granite gutters was a forgotten town for many years. Thankfully being bypassed for a while preserved Maldon’s village feel for the enjoyment of future generations. Pretty little shops, miner’s cottages with rambling old world gardens and this old garage with kerbside (and for safety’s sake, modern) pumps. Continue reading Fill ‘er Up

Boxing Day

There are only two places to be today: Sydney for the start of the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race or In front of the TV watching the start of the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race eating Christmas leftovers which always taste better next day. For a few days or even less depending on the weather all eyes will be on a screen any screen watching their progress as these mega yachts fly down the coast, cross Bass Strait, track down Tassie’s east coast and swoop into the Derwent River. Where thousands of yachting faithfuls are waiting to cheer them into … Continue reading Boxing Day

Peace on Earth

It is the eve of the eve of Christmas Eve, a warm Summer’s evening in Castlemaine, Central Victoria. And like a thousand other parks across the nation, Victory Park is filled with families on camp chairs and picnic rugs soaking up the atmosphere and singing along to the all familiar carols. The sun is low on the horizon and casting its golden glow on the trees. A drummer slipping behind the dais for a slurp of something wet … and cold drops his drumsticks on the ground. Those drummers have a reputation to keep you know. At the front of … Continue reading Peace on Earth


Winter 2017 Three hundred kilometres north of Sydney at the mouth of the Manning River is Harrington, an eclectic mix of old holiday homes and modern two storey houses with stunning views. The river mouth is a small delta and has islands and a rock wall that blocks the sea. One would assume it directs the river to the southern mouth at Manning Point. There is a wide tract of sand stretching into the ocean and 4WD’s are parked on the sand, people are fishing. Bi centennial park is on a rise where the old pilot station once stood, the … Continue reading Harrington