Peace on Earth

It is the eve of the eve of Christmas Eve, a warm Summer’s evening in Castlemaine, Central Victoria. And like a thousand other parks across the nation, Victory Park is filled with families on camp chairs and picnic rugs soaking up the atmosphere and singing along to the all familiar carols. The sun is low on the horizon and casting its golden glow on the trees. A drummer slipping behind the dais for a slurp of something wet … and cold drops his drumsticks on the ground. Those drummers have a reputation to keep you know. At the front of the crowd small girls with big dreams dance and sway to the music practising newly learned ballet moves. Old folks and young wave g’day across the crowd. Kids belt each other over the head with plastic soft drink bottles. An acapella choir of young mums sing, with their toddlers standing clutching at their knees and a young lass in denim near breaks everyone’s hearts with her angelic voice. A bloke in shorts who’s been helping the MC with the singing reminds the audience of the meaning of Christmas, ‘cos after all, if you didn’t know, he is the vicar. The crowd continues to enjoy a moment of relaxation, a moment when they don’t have to worry about how many they’ll have to feed on Christmas day and whether the beer will be cold enough for Uncle Bruce and that the turkey’s legs won’t be too dry and just enjoy the Peace.

Where’d the vicar go?


Wishing all readers, peace, health and happiness.


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