The Coat of Arms

The Australian coat of arms has both a kangaroo and an emu and it is said that they were chosen because neither can walk backwards, thus symbolising a progressive nation. Although both are plentiful it is always exciting to see them for two reasons. Firstly being such large creatures both can cause horrific damage to cars, so the navigator is always on alert for kangaroos and emus and shouting something like “Emu on the right!” Grey Nomads like ourselves aren’t on a strict timetable like younger drivers so we tend to stay off the roads in the early morning and … Continue reading The Coat of Arms

A long drive huh?

Mildura is in Victoria’s far north east. Quite possibly its most popular caravan park is the delightful Buronga Caravan Park across the Murray River in Buronga, New South Wales. The park has a laidback holiday feel. The paddle steamers toot toot back and forth all day laden with tourists and there are lovely views of the city of Mildura just across the river. Last winter up on the north coast we have a drink with our neighbours Don and G who are from Mildura and have a shiny new van. They tell us that they checked into nearby Buronga caravan … Continue reading A long drive huh?

Well that went off with a bang

I usually do the planning for our trips and Woody says “Just surprise me!” Whenever we’re chatting with mates or newfound friends I note the places mentioned and ‘Heart’ the campsites on WikiCamps, gee I wish they’d give us a colour system so I know which are true favourites or someone else’s recommendation, anyway I took Woody to an ammunition dump for our anniversary. Yep, an ammunition dump, how romantic is that? What the hell was I thinking? Most women would choose a 5 star resort or hotel and break out the glad rags. Not me, I was so busy … Continue reading Well that went off with a bang

Pie Night

Camped in Nagambie,Vic for our September club muster and we shared the caravan park with (or should I say we were grossly outnumbered by) hundreds of hot rods who were in town for the Cranksters Rod Run. On Saturday night the Cranksters were cranking up the music while we furiously baked our pies for our scheduled ‘Pie Night’. The games room was filled with the aroma of dozens of hot pies, peas and mash. While Woody baked his contribution in the pie maker on the van (if there is a kitchen gadget that isn’t on our van I’d like to … Continue reading Pie Night