Upon Reflection

Upon reflection, I doubt that many would want a repeat of 2017.

Dec 2017

While we sat in tranquility at Vaughan Springs breathing in the warm country air a storm crossed high above us, in the very tops of the trees and continued on to Melbourne to drop heavy rain and cause havoc. In the morning we woke to perfect reflections on the still waters of the small weir, passed pleasantries with our neighbours, played on the kids slide and watched insects water ski on the weir.

May your 2018 be tranquil.

Vaughan Springs, Vic

8 thoughts on “Upon Reflection

  1. The one redeeming factor of 2017 for me was that I finally recently got my 87 year old mum to agree to move house to live nearby, a topic she has steadfastly refused to consider for many years. Fingers crossed this happens this year and she doesn’t change her mind. All positive energy to that end greatly appreciated🤞🏻 Happy New Year 😊

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