Pie Night

Camped in Nagambie,Vic for our September club muster and we shared the caravan park with (or should I say we were grossly outnumbered by) hundreds of hot rods who were in town for the Cranksters Rod Run.

On Saturday night the Cranksters were cranking up the music while we furiously baked our pies for our scheduled ‘Pie Night’. The games room was filled with the aroma of dozens of hot pies, peas and mash. While Woody baked his contribution in the pie maker on the van (if there is a kitchen gadget that isn’t on our van I’d like to know) being almost everything intolerant I had baked my gluten free, onion free spelt pies a week earlier and shoved them in the freezer. I smugly took them out to thaw and warmed them in the oven.

I must say the Thai Duck Curry pie was delicious but the one that I was really hanging for was the Pineapple Pie. I grabbed it out of our oven smothered it in lactose free coconut ice cream and galloped (yes, galloped) back to the games room. To my surprise it was a Curry Beef pie that Woody had cooked a few weeks earlier. The melted ice cream was nice.

What a Classic

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