Well that went off with a bang

I usually do the planning for our trips and Woody says “Just surprise me!” Whenever we’re chatting with mates or newfound friends I note the places mentioned and ‘Heart’ the campsites on WikiCamps, gee I wish they’d give us a colour system so I know which are true favourites or someone else’s recommendation, anyway I took Woody to an ammunition dump for our anniversary. Yep, an ammunition dump, how romantic is that? What the hell was I thinking? Most women would choose a 5 star resort or hotel and break out the glad rags. Not me, I was so busy working out how many kilometres we’d cover each day and the rough area that we’d be in that I completely forgot about the date.

If that isn’t bad enough my thoughtful, caring and romantic Woody found himself in a sea of dust and with not enough room to put the awning out without catching it in the neighbour’s Toyota’s roof rack.

Is it any wonder the enemy never found these ammunition tunnels? Woody wished he hadn’t either. I better take him out to dinner next year.

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