Caravanning stuff – the things you may not think of

Keep a checklist of what has to be done when you set off each day, learn the routine by heart and check each other’s jobs, just like on a plane “Doors armed and cross checked”. It may seem pedantic but the last thing that you need is the caravan bouncing off the hitch when you’re cruising down the highway or the awning breaking because it wasn’t properly secured.

If you don’t have a self tuning aerial use the AntennaMate app to tune your TV to the local channels.

Carry a chargeable drill for setting your legs, much quicker than doing it by hand. Don’t forget to pack the charger.

Microwaveable Brown Rice is oh so handy, and when you’re tired from driving or reading.        You can have the basis of a hearty meal ready to go in 90 seconds flat.


Measuring cup, you will get the urge to bake when you least expect it.

Baking dish, cake pan etc. They can happily ride around out of sight in the oven (that’s the cupboard in the kitchen with the glass front).

Work gloves – for shucking oysters and doing the more difficult tasks outside.

To keep the van and your wardrobe from smelling of smoke, keep a bag of ‘fire clothes’ in a storage box under the bed

Wave to every caravan and motorhome that passes you on the road, they just may be your new best friends next year.

How much food do you need? Unless you’re disappearing into the mulga for weeks at a time, not as much as you’d expect. Supermarkets are good.

How much clothing do you need? On long trips lots, to cover the frequent climate zones and season changes.

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Make a point of cooking in the Camp Kitchen regularly, you’ll meet fascinating people, learn of new places to go and often be thoroughly entertained, the cooking facilities will be really good too.

The Park Mt Beauty, Vic

17 thoughts on “Caravanning stuff – the things you may not think of

  1. Another good list Lindsey! Microwaveable rice is a godsend, we always carry a few packs. Deb can whip up a very acceptable fried rice with it, a few frozen veggies, eggs, some bacon and some spices. You can also heat it up in a saucepan with a little water when you’re free camping. Camp kitchens are funny places, they can be a lot of fun and also places to avoid when “Mr and Mrs Expert” are around!


  2. I’m with you on the microwaveable rice, saves steaming the van for 20 minutes. We use it all the time in our motorhome and the good news is that even when you’re off grid and can’t use the microwave, you can still heat up the contents of those little packets in a pan in just a couple of minutes. Perfect!


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