Lake King

Feb 2016, Rutherglen Caravan & Tourist Park, Rutherglen, Vic Plovers, herons, magpies and mudlarks. Corellas play in the trees, the lake shimmers and changes by the hour. A pelican spends his day perched on a branch. A mismatched family of domestic ducks swim about. There are purple moorhens and white faced coots and every evening the setting sun reflects pink across the water. Continue reading Lake King

Seduced by Diesel Heating

Having diesel or gas heating in a caravan means that in cold weather you can still enjoy the natural beauty of freedom camps rather than paying top dollar for a campsite in a Caravan Park just to be able to plug into their power. We’ve owned our caravan Priscilla for close to five years and she’s probably around six years old. As her layout and size suit us quite well we’d prefer not to upgrade as we figure that she and us will probably wear out at about the same time anyway. Because of her age we had decided not … Continue reading Seduced by Diesel Heating

Let’s Keep It a Secret

While slurping away happily on a $5 bubbly beside a Queensland campfire Elle Prado and I chat to a couple who are Victorian vignerons and they shyly tell us that they would love to do more caravanning but their award-winning vineyard has kept them too busy. I have a sneaking suspicion and later do a Google search and sure enough their vineyard supplies a very well known winery with a particular variety of grape. In fact, the best of this variety of grapes in Australia and if you want to try it you’ll have to fork out $130 – 199 … Continue reading Let’s Keep It a Secret

Soggy as…

Fellow travel bloggers, you know the feeling when you think “God what am I going to write about this place?”. And it dawns on you that that is the very story. Spring 2018, Somewhere in West Gippsland, Vic Our caravan club September Muster had been planned for Griffith in Southern NSW but was quickly changed to nearby West Gippsland when most members voted not to drive north when they’d only just returned from up that way in their long winter travels. The selected caravan park had been a charming spot when visited nine years earlier. A few members were wandering … Continue reading Soggy as…