Reflections and Top Spots of 2018

After a week of watching the year rehashed on television, the earth repelling against us, terrorist attacks and the gaffs of politicians it was pleasant to sit back and recall the places that we visited this year. Thankfully nutters and … Continue reading Reflections and Top Spots of 2018

Where you go, I’ll follow

Ever since we met a couple of blokes who were doing east west zig zags across New South Wales (because everyone else seems to travel north and south dashing between Victoria and Queensland) I’m fascinated with the routes that people plan for their trips. Some follow rivers like the Murray from source to sea. Others explore an area like The Cape (Cape York) or the Eyre Peninsula. Many follow the music festivals, oldies kicking up their heels at Tamworth and Gympie and Port Fairy. Yet others tootle about from one gold region to another with metal detectors at the ready. … Continue reading Where you go, I’ll follow

Bridgewater Weir

The town of Bridgewater on Loddon is in Central Victoria, just north of Bendigo. A water race and weir was constructed on the Loddon River at Bridgewater in the late 1800’s for the flour mill. The water provided irrigation for farmers and created a swimming hole for the local community. Even today it is an inviting spot for exploring you’ll find it a short walk from the Loddon Bridge Hotel. Continue reading Bridgewater Weir

All I Want For Christmas

Those of you who are old enough may remember that old song from the fifties, “All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth”…”so I can wish you Merry Chrithmuth”. You know the era. When they had songs like “I want a hippopotamus for Christmas”, gee that’d really mess up the living room. Sorry I digress. December in our house has been a twisted version of that, not the hippo. Because all I wanted for Xmas was two new eyes, two new eyes, two new eyes. Lo and behold my cataracts have been removed, my short sightedness repaired and … Continue reading All I Want For Christmas

The Stuff of Pub Walls

Who needs a minimalist pub? Any good country pub worth its salt really should have local history displayed on its walls. Like the curiosity pubs of old there should be plenty to entertain the ‘out of towners’ and help them understand a little about the locals and their way of life. Sepia photos of wool drays up to their axles in mud. Beaming young blokes draped in dead rabbits or staggering under the weight of a fish. Dead livestock nailed to the walls. Heads of deer, snarling wild pigs and crocodiles that didn’t get away. At the Commercial Hotel in … Continue reading The Stuff of Pub Walls