The Stuff of Pub Walls

Who needs a minimalist pub? Any good country pub worth its salt really should have local history displayed on its walls. Like the curiosity pubs of old there should be plenty to entertain the ‘out of towners’ and help them understand a little about the locals and their way of life. Sepia photos of wool drays up to their axles in mud. Beaming young blokes draped in dead rabbits or staggering under the weight of a fish. Dead livestock nailed to the walls. Heads of deer, snarling wild pigs and crocodiles that didn’t get away.

At the Commercial Hotel in Woods Point in Victoria, we learnt that the residents sheltered from the 1939 fires down a mine tunnel right in the heart of town and that the publican must have been blessed with a good sense of humour as one of the best examples was “The Losers Shooting Trophy” awarded to Ken Shaw in 1994 for missing a samba deer at 10ft and a dingo at 15feet.

Discarded underwear and a horse skull, Lions Den Hotel, Cooktown, Qld
Poddy Dodgers Bar, Croydon, Qld
The legendary Blue Heeler Hotel, Kynuna, Qld
Hat collection at Wellshot Hotel, Ilfracombe, Qld includes one from distinguished Ilfracombe lass Governor General Quentin Bryce.
Lantern display at The Pub with No Beer, Taylors Arm, NSW
Like so many Queensland pubs, the Yandina Hotel was moved about
Wildlife at the Tatong Pub in Victoria’s North East
Prize cattle are the life blood of Rockhampton and this poor old bugger ended up on the wall at the Great Western Hotel.
I wish they’d post the numbers of missed foxes at the Dingo Hotel in Cavendish, Vic
Club in the scrub
Wild pig at the Club in the Scrub sand scrape golf course in the Grawin opalfields near Lightning Ridge, NSW
Mulga Creek
A disillusioned goat at the Mulga Creek near Bourke, NSW
Dressed to kill at the Nindigully, Qld
Sheepyard Inn 2
The sign says it all at the Sheepyard Inn, Grawin opalfields, NSW
A salty that didn’t get away, Nindigully, Qld

8 thoughts on “The Stuff of Pub Walls

  1. Brilliant photos especially love the hats. Aren’t pubs and bars so much better if they show their history and have stuff to look at. Gives em more character.


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