It’s a Trail a Mate!

There are some gadgets that make life so much easier when caravanning. Many years ago we bought a Trail a Mate jack to replace our dolly wheel. The Trail a Mate uses a hydraulic method so a gentle pumping action easily raises the whole van and the turn of a knob lowers it again with a satisfying whoosh, no more winding and groaning. It can also be used to jack the van up when in a predicament (more about that on another day). Our mate El Prado has looked longingly at his mates Trail a Mate jacks and recently declared … Continue reading It’s a Trail a Mate!

Childers RV Park

Aug 2018, Childers, Qld The good folks of Childers in Central Queensland have turned their car park into an RV overnighter. It even has a power station for electric vehicles (and you thought Childers was out in the sticks eh!). While you’re there take a walk up the Main Street and buy fresh Kingaroy peanuts in the shell from The Peanut Van at the northern end of town. Continue reading Childers RV Park

How to make toast

This may seem a little obvious but there are subtle differences when making toast on a caravan and if these rules aren’t adhered to, well one may as well eat rice cakes. When breakfasting on a powered site the first thing the cook must do is remove the smoke alarm and bury it under the doona. No matter how large your caravan is it is still a small box and if a smoke alarm can’t differentiate between a piece of toast and a raging house fire it certainly can’t tell on a caravan. Woody fails this test every morning and … Continue reading How to make toast

Geographical Gymnasts

Take one campfire, add a bunch of caravanners and a beer or two, toss in the odd glass of wine. What do you get? A Gaggle of Geographical Gymnasts. Sitting around any campfire anywhere at Happy Hour and the talk will nostalgically lead to places people have been and the good times they’ve had. It goes something like: “We were in Maryborough.” “Which one Queensland or Victoria?” “Queensland.” In that instant all minds have done a zig zag up a mental map of the country and they’re now all focussed on Maryborough, Queensland. You know, just north of Brisbane. Then … Continue reading Geographical Gymnasts