Info Centres

Regardless of which team they barrack vote for the whingers are always complaining about the government of the day not doing enough for them. Has anybody noticed that in every town of a certain size there is an impressive Information Centre promoting regional tourism? Interesting buildings and it seems that no two are the same. Some grand some small. You will always find enough parking for caravans, clean toilets, maps and guides detailing the attractions in the area along with helpful staff to provide information about local tours, road conditions and things of interest. You can find thoughtful gifts for … Continue reading Info Centres

A bang in the night

My favourite time of the day in the caravan is late at night when everyone is asleep. I like to do a crossword or sudoku or a little macrame and just listen to the night noises, the call of an owl, the surf in the distance. Now, just for a minute imagine the sound of a plywood cupboard door slamming. Now imagine that multiplied and echoing around a lightly built caravan (of plywood and thin plastic held together with glue and staples) when a couple of not so happy campers arrive late after a too long drive and start banging … Continue reading A bang in the night