Wandering to Whorouly, Day 4

Day 4, 13/10/2019 Sunday Whorouly, warm sunny

VeeWee leaves to go in search of ancestors’ graves and Woody and I drive into Bright for a look around. Pine plantations, hop farms, avenues of grand trees and neat flower filled gardens.

Back at camp the locals are having a working bee, digging, scrubbing and cleaning. Once more we spend the afternoon reading, chatting and snoozing in the sun. Until we realise that the water has been accidentally turned off. A quick ring around and the locals get things going again with a cheery g’day.

El Prado reverses over his own solar panels.

The boys light the fire and our local organiser Ruth and husband Ed pop in to say hello make sure that we’re all happy. We’re happy!


Day 5, 14/10/2019 Monday Whorouly to Home, cool, cold then hot

Our planned follow up trip to Skipworth fades fast as Woody sprains a groin muscle and most of the crew have to return home.

It’s a coolish morning as we leave but by Swanpool it’s a wintry 13 and raining, then warm at Yea when we stop for morning tea at Marmalade. Then on home to unpack and get the van ready for the next little adventure.

Overall Summary 918Kms, Accom $40, Fuel $172.

Sundown at Whorouly

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