Let’s go to Nanango

Winter 2018, Nanango, Qld

Tearing southwards down the Bruce Highway we are seduced by a warning sign at Tiaro for a roadside stall. Yep, there she is, off to the left and a good one too. We buy a few fresh vegies and a lovely pumpkin. No one grows pumpkins like Queenslanders do, especially around here.

Of course, we stop at Kilkivan for a walk in the sun and to buy a lamb roast and their wonderful home smoked smallgoods. While the butcher cuts the rack of lamb for us, I sit out front in the sun, eyes closed almost nodding off. A woman walks past and comments “Oh you look relaxed.” With little to think of but sweet juicy roast lamb, of course I’m relaxed.

Nanango RV Park

Nanango RV Park is in the heart of town and managed by cheery caravanners Fred and Sheryl. They have let their house in town and now trip back and forth about the country. Sheryl has a part time job doing rental inspections for the local real estate agent whenever they are home. This was once an old caravan park and the owner is slowly renewing it. We have power, water and the luxury of a concrete slab. The amenities are new and spotless. We’re up high in the Ranges now, Bunya* country and currawongs are calling. After we walk the town a strong westerly wind springs up followed by a sprinkling of rain forcing us indoors. We roast the lamb rack with the pumpkin we bought at the roadside stall in Tiaro. Heaven!

*Bunya or Bunya Bunya = A large triangular shaped pine tree similar to a Hoop Pine with seriously spiky leaves. Beware of standing under the Bunya when it is shedding cones as they can weigh up to 10kg.


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