Wandering to Whorouly

Whorouly, Vic

If you’

Day 1, 10/10/2019 Thursday Home to Whorouly, cool 14 to sunny 20

We stop at Yea for a break and as normal Woody checks each wheel. One van wheel hub is abnormally hot and has a burning smell. Thankfully there is a tyre and brake place just up the road and the mechanic quickly adjusts the rubbing brake. Woody realises that the caravan hand brake had been left on and I realise too late that I hadn’t done my Ten Point check when we left home (to make sure that everything was hooked up properly). A little too much first day excitement I guess. At least the repair only cost $75 and was fixed in the time it took to buy morning tea. It could have been much, much worse.

Oh bugger, the navigator didn’t check that the hand brake was off.

Those wonderful rolling hills around Yea are emerald green with swathes of bright yellow Cape Weed daisies clinging to the gullies. Eildon weir is still very low. At Maindample we take the Midland Highway up to the Hume Highway at Benalla. Thirty kilometres later we’re turning onto the Snow Road to Oxley and Milawa. I always breathe a relaxing sigh whenever we reach this road.

A perfect Victorian spring day complete with window reflections.

Whorouly is looking like a picture postcard with small farms and tobacco kilns, treed driveways in bloom and signs advertising walnuts and persimmons for sale. The paddocks look lush and fat cows are up to their knees in grass even though the rainfall has been nowhere near what it should be.

At the Recreation Reserve, most of our club mates are already set up and a few more arrive after us. We sit in the sun under a large tree which is home to a possum and her baby. El Prado lights a fire in Popeye’s new folding fireplace and we cook spuds in the coals and Kranskies on the grill.

Possum and her baby, their peace to be shattered by a bunch of chattering grey nomads.

Our mate ‘Popeye the Sailor’ shows us his souvenir pin studded hat which weighs a ridiculous 800gm, at his age only the husband of a physio could get away with that weight without pain.

Popeye’s hat, he’s been everywhere man!

We sit outside chatting until after 9:00 when it becomes too cold.

Summary 224Kms, Accom $10 (usually $15 but we booked before the price rise). Repairs $75.

We’ve stayed at this delightful reserve before and it’s a treat to return. There are plenty of grassy sites and the pub is a short stroll away. There is no power or water but a tap is available. There are toilets and showers too. It’s well situated for touring the Ovens and King Valleys.

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