Go West, Day 28 – Yallingup

Day 28 Friday 3rd April 2015 Yallingup We all meet at Clancy’s Fish Pub and it feels like we’ve taken the place over there are so many of us. The pub is a large industrial space that opens onto a deck and overlooks a dam and bushland. It feels so West Australian, but don’t ask me to explain why. Once more we return to the villa and party time and we watch the sun go down over Geographe Bay. It is a warm evening under a full moon and D who hasn’t been home from London in two years gazes … Continue reading Go West, Day 28 – Yallingup

Go West, Day 27 – Yallingup

Day 27 Thursday 2nd April 2015 Yallingup As Woody will be the MC it is Wedding Rehearsal Day. After shopping in Busselton and lunch in the sun we scoot down to the vineyard (Cullen Wines) for the rehearsal on the lawns with the wedding party. As I’m just a hanger on, I and two other partners must stand on the lawn like statues pretending to be the aisle. It’s not a bad gig I must say, standing in a vineyard on a warm sunny day sipping exceptional wine. We all adjourn to Lamont’s on Smiths Beach for dinner and it’s … Continue reading Go West, Day 27 – Yallingup

Go West, Day 25 – Pemberton

Day 25 Tuesday 31st March 2015 Pemberton Pemberton township is hilly with tiny timber workers cottages lining the streets. I’m surprised to see one named Koorwingiegaboora, just like the name of the town near Daylesford in Victoria. We visit the historic fire spotting tree called the Gloucester Tree named after the Duke. It’s about 60 metres high and has steel rungs encircling it. It hurts your neck to look at the platform way up at the top. I climbed the first 5 rungs with no intention of going further. Which you may laugh at, but the others didn’t even try. … Continue reading Go West, Day 25 – Pemberton

Go West, Day 23 – Albany

Day 23 Sunday 29th March 2015, warm, fine low 20’s Albany Double or Nuthin’ takes Shirley off to the hospital for treatment on the shoulder that has been bugging her for a few days now. She gets thoroughly checked over and comes back with lots of new drugs but no answer as to what is causing the problem. We explore Emu Point. Dear blog did I tell you that yesterday we were stopped for a breath test and the officer warned us that we could be fined $1000 for an obscured number plate. We know what caused that problem……the kangaroo … Continue reading Go West, Day 23 – Albany

Go West, Day 21 – Albany

Day 21 Friday 27th March 2015 Albany We visit the National Anzac Centre and spend the best part of the day there. 40,000 Anzac troops left this harbour for World War 1, a third of them were never to return home. The stories and the letters are heart wrenching. It is a moving tribute to our ancestors and the special bond between our two nations. The museum has been built to showcase the view of Albany’s harbour, King George Sound, where the convoys assembled prior to their departure. It is a strange feeling to read about a battle then turn … Continue reading Go West, Day 21 – Albany