Go West, Day 27 – Yallingup

Day 27

Thursday 2nd April 2015


As Woody will be the MC it is Wedding Rehearsal Day. After shopping in Busselton and lunch in the sun we scoot down to the vineyard (Cullen Wines) for the rehearsal on the lawns with the wedding party. As I’m just a hanger on, I and two other partners must stand on the lawn like statues pretending to be the aisle. It’s not a bad gig I must say, standing in a vineyard on a warm sunny day sipping exceptional wine.

We all adjourn to Lamont’s on Smiths Beach for dinner and it’s a good chance to catch up with everyone. We drop the groom’s parents back at their villa on the beach at Dunsborough and suddenly we’re besieged by family and friends from nearby villas and it becomes party central. 

Accom: $23.75

Travelling Kms: 0

Not a bad gig, standing in a Margaret River vineyard sipping wine. Cullen Wines, WA

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