Go West, Day 19 – Ravensthorpe

Day 19

Wednesday 25th March 2015

Cape Le Grand to Ravensthorpe

Today we clock over 4000kms. There are rolling farmlands with sheep and cattle. We pass through only one small town and like most around here it has an UP on the end of its name.

In friendly ‘Ravey’ we fill our water tanks and empty the loo in the council provided facilities. They have so many signs for caravan parking etc. that we get quite confused. I guess they really want us to stay. The local IGA is enormous and looks more like a shed but inside it is carpeted and has a coffee shop, what a nice touch. There is a hand written sign saying “Happy Birthday Brenda Tinks can we spoil you today”. What a nice place this is.

We settle at Fitzy’s Bush Camp just out of town. High on a hill it has views for miles but the weather is nasty. We have to move the van out of the wind to get the fridge started on gas. Alan and Kay light the fire to signal happy hour and Milo the resident emu rocks up. We learn that Kay promotes tourism in the area and that there is a lot of grain production. There is also mining for the ore that contains lithium. There are two odd looking sheep wandering about. They have long fat tails and are a South American breed that don’t need shearing, their wool just falls off in the paddock. One can only hope that they are good eating.

Accom: $15

Travelling Kms: 240Kms

Note: I can’t find Fitzy’s Bush Camp listed now, it may no longer exist.

Fitzy’s Bush Camp Ravensthorpe, WA
Go West Rav
Map Source: WikiCamps

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