Go West, Day 23 – Albany

Day 23

Sunday 29th March 2015, warm, fine low 20’s


Double or Nuthin’ takes Shirley off to the hospital for treatment on the shoulder that has been bugging her for a few days now. She gets thoroughly checked over and comes back with lots of new drugs but no answer as to what is causing the problem.

We explore Emu Point.

Dear blog did I tell you that yesterday we were stopped for a breath test and the officer warned us that we could be fined $1000 for an obscured number plate. We know what caused that problem……the kangaroo at Cape Le Grand!

Accom: $36.90

Travelling Kms: 0

Note: Reflecting on our travels I’d reckon we grey nomads visit almost as many clinics, physio’s and hospitals as we do country pubs. Perhaps WikiCamps, Country Pub Camping or some other caravanning forum should post a list of favourite medical centres.

King George Sound, Albany, WA

6 thoughts on “Go West, Day 23 – Albany

  1. I’ve recently had a couple of texts from a Colac clinic apparently they’d like me to make an appt for my free flu vaccine. 665kms was a bit far to go but I did appreciate their care. 🙂


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