Like a Rollingstone, Day 8 – Billabourie Farm Stay

Day 8, 17/5/2016, Tuesday, Balranald to Billabourie, Clear With kisses and hugs we all say our farewells and leave the muster, some will go home and at this time of year some will go north. It’s 130kms to Hay across … Continue reading Like a Rollingstone, Day 8 – Billabourie Farm Stay

Like a Rollingstone, Day 2 – A trip to caravanland

Day 2, 11/5/2016 Wednesday Boort to Bridgewater via Campbellfield We sneak out at 5:30am after a rushed shower. We feel awful not having purchased any of Marilyn’s wares or even getting the chance to see them. We drive slowly to Boort on high ‘roo alert then grab a kip outside the BP servo while we wait to buy petrol. The sun is rising bright orange across the paddocks as we set off to the city.We walk around Campbellfield while Phil and the guys at Swift replace our stove with a new model. We had expected a repair but as it … Continue reading Like a Rollingstone, Day 2 – A trip to caravanland

Like a Rollingstone, Day 1

Mar 2021, Melbourne, Vic Oh, what a crazy world we live in. So many people are still in lockdown and we all live in fear of this damned virus. Here, in Australia we do our best to live normally (with masks and social distancing) but every so often the virus seems to break out of a quarantine hotel forcing a snap lockdown and yet another eradication. Thankfully, the vaccine rollout is now underway and being oldies who’ve been through this before we can’t wait to get our text to line up for the jab. Funnily, or perhaps not so funny… … Continue reading Like a Rollingstone, Day 1

Snakes without ladders

Our neighbour Fleur knocks on our door trembling and I go to jelly. Her brother has been gravely ill, I fear the worst. She holds up her phone and cries “Sssnake!” We examine the picture and agree that it is indeed a snake in the bottom of her garden water feature. Pulling on a pair of sturdy gardening gloves, the three of us tromp off to assess the situation. Thankfully, the snake isn’t moving and with hunks of skin hanging off appears to be long dead, we’re assuming that it found its way into the pond but couldn’t get back … Continue reading Snakes without ladders