Like a Rollingstone, Day 2 – A trip to caravanland

Day 2, 11/5/2016 Wednesday Boort to Bridgewater via Campbellfield

We sneak out at 5:30am after a rushed shower. We feel awful not having purchased any of Marilyn’s wares or even getting the chance to see them. We drive slowly to Boort on high ‘roo alert then grab a kip outside the BP servo while we wait to buy petrol. The sun is rising bright orange across the paddocks as we set off to the city.
We walk around Campbellfield while Phil and the guys at Swift replace our stove with a new model. We had expected a repair but as it turns out ours no longer complied with the new gas laws.  Phil is happy because his guys build the stoves for caravan manufacturers but rarely get to install them. Two and a half hours later we’re back on the road, this time via Kilmore for a change of scenery. 

We finally call it a day at Bridgewater on Loddon and settle in to try out our brand new and free, stove.

VeeWee got her satellite dish repaired in Kerang and moved on to Lake Boga. The rest of our mob have arrived at Boort. Gee I hope they get a chance to buy something from our hosts.

2021 Note: Caravanland? Most Australian caravan manufacturers are located in Melbourne and for component convenience most are in the suburb of Campbellfield. The largest manufacturer Jayco, is in Dandenong in Melbourne’s south east.

And that Swift stove? Well it is still purring along 5 years later, but I hope I’m not putting a mozz on it as most things wear out as the kilometres mount up.

Towing Kms: 424kms

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