Like a Rollingstone, Day 6 – Racing trophies

Day 6, 15/5/2016, Sunday, Balranald, Clear

We cook bacon, eggs and pancakes in the rotunda although some of the lads are a little under the weather. Probably because of last night’s ‘Sparkling Shiraz’ tasting.

Being Sunday, today is a day of rest and sport. Bocce, Ladder golf and Klop (Finska) followed by fish and chips around the fire. And to cap off the day the Moon, Mars and Jupiter shine down on us.

Towing Kms: 0

2021 Note: In lieu of a trophy for a club photo of our sporting winners, VeeWee raided the back of her car. You see, on our travels north she was intending to drop off a boot load of trophies to her race horse owner brother in Qld. Over the years a pattern has formed VeeWee taking trophies to her winning Gold Coast brother and Woody taking Mentone Tai Wah dim sims to his.

Winners of the Port Pirie Cup….ah no, the Balranald bocce game
Even the kookaburras thought the racing trophies were worth a laugh

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