Old stuff

I’m walking through a museum following a group of tourists and our knowledgeable guide when suddenly there’s a hell of a racket outside. A couple of local kids are skateboarding in the courtyard. The old guide leaves us standing as he takes off at a gallop loudly shouting “Piss Off!” I get the feeling that those kids get a real kick out of baiting the poor old bugger. Hang on, he’s not that old he’s my age. Where are those bloody kids? Continue reading Old stuff

Nothing Better

Feb 2021, Port Albert, Vic This boat ramp is a 48hour free camp so there’s no need to rush. The wind has dropped out and a few boats are puttering about. The rising sun casts silver sparkles across the water. I walk out onto the boat ramp and small fish are jumping all around me plop, plop. This is heavenly. Small boats are moored at the piers and bob with the flow. An old fishing boat has the name Non Pariel, yes there is nothing better than this, sipping a mug of coffee in the salt air. Note: Ironically Port … Continue reading Nothing Better

Foster & Toora

Feb 2021, South Gippsland, Vic On the move again, we stop for a walk around Foster where the street gardens are not only blooming but sprouting tall, sweet corn. This town is the gateway to Wilson’s Promontory National Park and always seems to be buzzing. Along with the blooming streetscape there are murals depicting the town’s timber trade history. There’s a quirky pub and functional buildings, it is a town that always makes you feel good. A short drive down the road is Toora where we stop for a bite of morning tea in a quaint coffee shop that straddles … Continue reading Foster & Toora

What? Jam in your ears?

Feb 2021, Meeniyan, Vic The morning flies by with a lengthy morning chat session outside our van with our mob and our neighbouring campers. While everyone yacks happily Woody is inside the van cleaning his hearing aids. Hearing a swift rap on the window and I run in to find him in a tizz, he’s lost the soft flexible part of his hearing aid and it is jammed deep inside his ear. With tweezers and a headlamp (commonly referred to in this caper as a ‘dickhead torch’) I manage to latch onto it and drag it out of the depths … Continue reading What? Jam in your ears?

Salad Spinners

Feb 2021, Meeniyan, Vic There’s a saying amongst caravanners that everything on board must have two uses. After returning to Meeniyan from our enforced 5day Covid lockdown we have a long and hilarious happy hour in which we discuss the merits of using a motorised salad spinner for spin drying our clothes. You see the biggest problem when camping is wringing the water out enough for the washing to dry quickly. As we all know hand washing is a chore, but the hard part is the wringing. A lot of caravans have washing machines these days, but unless they are … Continue reading Salad Spinners

Campus Interruptus

Feb 2021, Venus Bay, Vic From our freedom camp at Meeniyan we drive down to the coastal holiday town of Venus Bay in readiness for our February caravan club muster. We are greeted by a grumpy “You’re early!” from the manager (it was 10:10am and most parks open for arrivals at 10:00) and we’re told that there are people on both of our sites who will be told to pack up. There’s no mention of putting us on another two of the many unoccupied sites. We walk the rather bedraggled park and wait. The tent campers pack up and leave … Continue reading Campus Interruptus