Red Dirt, Day 6 – Lime spiders, flying doctors & bush art

Thursday October 25th 2012, Broken Hill After a very warm night, we have a nice lazy start to the day. It is now overcast, cool and breezy. We drive over to South Broken Hill to walk through historic Patton Street … Continue reading Red Dirt, Day 6 – Lime spiders, flying doctors & bush art

Red Dirt, Day 3 – Mildura

Monday 22nd October 2012 Mildura (Buronga, NSW) (0 Kms) We wake to the sound of birds walking on the roof, what a great alarm clock. It’s been lovely to open some of the pop top zippers for the first time and let the fresh air in. We have a lazy breakfast listening to the tooting of the PS Melbourne’s steam whistle, we can see her plying tourists back and forth, through our front window. The wondrous smell of the Murray River is in the air. A family of ducks beg for some slices of our bread. Woody comes home disappointed … Continue reading Red Dirt, Day 3 – Mildura

If it’s steak you want

This may come as a surprise but some nights when we’re sitting about chatting the topic of food comes up and when it does there’s always a lot of shouting and dreamy looks as we remember a night in Mudgee. It was a freezing cold winter’s night back in 2017 and VeeWee, Woody and I were in one of our favourite towns, Mudgee, NSW. We were all longing for a good steak and the Lawson Park Hotel nearby advertised that they had pretty good steaks. Rugged up in winter woollies we trundled off hoping, just hoping, that the meal would … Continue reading If it’s steak you want

Road Clothes

As we pack the caravan for another zip trip I realise the importance of the crazy clothing situation for those of us who are grey nomads. Retirement means gone are the days of bespoke business suits and sensuous silk blouses. Gone too are heels and make-up and long sessions in the hair salon hiding the creeping greys. Now it’s all about comfort and practicability. Living two lives, one in the suburbs and one on the road means two sets of clothing, one of which stays on the van most of the time. When on the road we try to keep … Continue reading Road Clothes