Red Dirt, Day 3 – Mildura

Monday 22nd October 2012 Mildura (Buronga, NSW) (0 Kms)

We wake to the sound of birds walking on the roof, what a great alarm clock. It’s been lovely to open some of the pop top zippers for the first time and let the fresh air in. We have a lazy breakfast listening to the tooting of the PS Melbourne’s steam whistle, we can see her plying tourists back and forth, through our front window. The wondrous smell of the Murray River is in the air. A family of ducks beg for some slices of our bread. Woody comes home disappointed that Stefano’s bakery doesn’t bake bread on a Monday, he is really hanging out for their delicious bread. After breakfast, we park the car over on the Victorian side of the river beside the wharf and watch the PS Melbourne depart with yet another load of tourists. We walk along the riverbank looking at the array of riverboats and finish with a divine coffee at Stefano Di Pieri’s excellent cafe on Deakin Avenue. We do a bit of shopping, Mildura has a representative of all of the major chain stores along the Calder highway, so it is a good chance to pick up some T-shirts and sandals. After all this exhausting activity we slip back to camp for a lazy afternoon of reading in the warm afternoon sun. Around 5pm we pop out for some supermarket supplies, before heading home to BBQ some Chorizo sausages with fried onions, mash and a green salad. We settle in for a quiet evening of reading.

PS Melbourne on the Murray at Mildura, Vic

2021 Note: It looks like we really settled into this laid-back caravanning life quickly.


4 thoughts on “Red Dirt, Day 3 – Mildura

    1. Oh good heavens, on our first night ever we had no idea how to park the thing and chose a tight CP. We thought we’d be murdered at our first free camp on this second trip. We’d be hopeless off road like you’ve been we’re just not practical enough.

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