Road Clothes

As we pack the caravan for another zip trip I realise the importance of the crazy clothing situation for those of us who are grey nomads. Retirement means gone are the days of bespoke business suits and sensuous silk blouses. Gone too are heels and make-up and long sessions in the hair salon hiding the creeping greys.

Now it’s all about comfort and practicability. Living two lives, one in the suburbs and one on the road means two sets of clothing, one of which stays on the van most of the time.

When on the road we try to keep ironing to an absolute minimum and it’s an outright win if we can spend a winter without having to wield an iron. That said everything does get the right royal treatment before we head off and fingers crossed it will stay half-decent after many spins around those caravan park washing machines and not end up spotted with unidentified grease from mining engineer’s garb.

Woody and I must be odd though, because we tend to travel with a lot of clothes, ok we both get bored with wearing the same things. There’s the climate factor too. One does need to be prepared for all kinds of weather. We usually chase the sun in winter and haven’t struck snow yet but no doubt when we least expect it, I’m sure we will. We’ve come damned close. What sort of fools skirt the Snowy Mountains in winter for God’s sake? Yes, we have to carry not only the obligatory shorts and T-shirts but heavy-weight jeans and polar fleece and woollies as well. And trackie dacks for lounging around the van watching TV. Not to forget the bag under the bed that holds the ‘fire clothes’ for those lucky nights that we can sit under the stars while playing musical chairs to avoid the swirling column of smoke. Now, where’s that fire pit?

Time to break out the winter woollies, Stanthorpe, Qld


10 thoughts on “Road Clothes

  1. I spent years traveling around showjumping and my lorry was packed not only with my clothes but with all the horses’ stuff as well. They had more than us, about 10 rugs each for starters, for every conceivable type of climate…Packing was like a puzzle, but what fun! And how many hours spent at the launderette…


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