Time for a break

Dear readers after 396 posts and a year of blogging I think it is time for a short break. I fell into this world of blogging quite by accident and like Alice in Wonderland I have become quite captivated by all that it encapsulates. Blogging has forced me to write more, photograph even more and share my view of Australia through the eyes of a grey nomad. Being a traveller I feel that I’ve had an insight into your lives in many corners of this amazing planet. I feel that I have come to know some of you even though we haven’t met. I now have breakfast daily with a lady in Switzerland even though I’m sure she is fast asleep during Melbourne’s morning. I’ve come to know another on the outskirts of my own city, we constantly cross paths in the bush, yet we’ve never met. That must be remedied soon over a very long coffee.

That’s just two of you, yes this world of blogging is as interesting as the world itself.What a community we have created and how I enjoy our conversations.

Thus in order to keep my head fresh I’m going to try my best to put the ‘pen’ (read ipad, laptop, keyboard, iphone notes) down just for a couple of weeks and chill. If that is at all possible…

Looking for the next shot

26 thoughts on “Time for a break

  1. I’ve admired your ability to keep entertaining posts coming every single day. I did it in Korea, knowing it was only for a month, and though enjoyable, it was a tie. So relish your break, for as long as it takes, and come back refreshed, and ready for more. I’ll miss you, though!


  2. Aaaagh! I really look forward to your posts and relate to so many of them. Thanks for all the ones I’ve already enjoyed and I can’t wait for you to come back refreshed and entertain me again. Enjoy your time off, blogging can be quite a commitment!


  3. Oh, no! How about me in Athens? You forgot about me! I’ve been traveling around Australia with you and enjoying every bit of it – especially the places I’m sure I’ll never get to see on my own. However, I suppose everyone deserves a break (grumble, grumble 😠😠) So, enjoy! And congrats on your Blogversary 🍾🎉🎉


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