Just backpacking

Blog chatting the other morning to Derrick over at Derrickjknight.com he commented on our travelling lifestyle. My reply of it being like ‘Backpacking for old farts’ sent my mind reeling. Our diesel heater had decided to stop working after belching out pungent fumes. It was about 6 degrees outside and although we had the electric heater on I was shivering, we were in a town that few have heard of and we only roughly knew where we were headed for the day. My reeling mind spun back to a much younger self humping a heavy canvas backpack down a deserted road hoping for a lift to a chalet and yes it was winter, the mountains were snow capped and our feet blistered. Did we get a lift? Miraculously yes, but we decided on flying for the return journey. Always have had champagne tastes on a beer income and a yearning for travel.

Thanks for following the blog but Woody and I will be taking a short break. We’ll see you again in a few weeks on the other side of the hill, across the river or over the border…if the diesel heater stops belching.

Just a couple of old backpackers

11 thoughts on “Just backpacking

  1. Hadn’t thought of it quite like that, but interesting……did a lot of backpacking and hitch-hiking in the mis-spent youth. Girlfriend and I got ride with roadworkers one early morning, for some kms out of St Helens in Tas, heading west. Then we walked….and walked…up into the Weldborough Pass….didn’t see another vehicle all damned day, until nearly 5pm. A tree had come down behind us, blocking the road.


    1. Oh no! I feel your pain, I know that area as my parents lived near St Helen’s. We quickly learned not to hitchhike down dead end roads like the one to Mt Cook chalet. But best of all BFF and I were working in a Queenstown hotel knew the pilots on the plane and got a fabulous flight over the Southern Alps with a view from the cockpit. I guess blisters make memories.


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