We are one

Jan 26, 2020 Dromana, Vic

Contrary to the forecast a cool breeze blows from the south, the bay is grey. The smell of frying onions hangs in the air. Why do they always smell so good? Flags flutter overhead. We tune up and settle our ageing bums into plastic chairs as the local Australia Day awards are presented. “Who’s got a copy of the music?” “Here we’ll share, I’ve got one.” Thank goodness I don’t have to drag out my rickety music stand. Kids are licking ice creams, dogs and prams shuffle past. The more curious stay to watch, maybe they have a gran in our group. Yep, there are a few waves.

The first song “A teenager in love” I wonder if we can rearrange that one, “why must we beee oldies in love?” perhaps… Our leader dons a fluoro green wig which certainly matches his Hawaiian shirt but not the flamingo socks, thankfully his personality and talent overpower his dress sense. Gaily we trundle on and all breathe a sigh of relief when we’re informed that the bridge in ‘I Still Call Australia Home’ will be sung acapella, everyone one of us looks to an arthritic left hand that can no longer meet a tricky B minor. Phew! Then it’s ‘Shake , Rattle and Roll’ or perhaps ‘Ache, Rattle and Roll’ and the weather starts to close in. As the first drops fall we race into our final number, our rendition of ‘I am Australian’.

We may be a crazy mixed up bunch of seniors with a passion for small instruments but nothing can be more apt.

“We are one, but we are many

And from all the lands on earth we come

We share a dream and sing with one voice

I am, you are – We are Australian.”

I am Australian – Bruce Woodley (The Seekers)

This is us – Australia Day on Dromana foreshore.

6 thoughts on “We are one

  1. I think if we adopted We Are One for our Anthem it may solve a lot of problems with our Indigenous Brothers, but there are many people working to keep a divide in our nation.


    1. You’re so right John. If only those negative folk would have a look at their own family trees. They just might be surprised to find a jolly good mix of Brit, war torn refugees, Chinese and Indigenous with a seasoning of Irish and Maori. Have a great weekend.


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