Apollo Bay Seafood Festival

Feb 2020, Apollo Bay, Vic

A quiet morning puddle hopping while the rain drizzles, it’s hard to believe it’s February. Is this weather going to improve? We’re all dragging out winter woollies as it feels much colder than the 17 that it is. We drive into town and find a park about half a kilometre from the Seafood Festival, pay our $10 and wander down to the wharf. They’re selling live King crabs off the boats but at $88 per kilo and those things are damned heavy, I wonder if they’ll get any customers. This is the first time that we’ve seen live King crabs as their shells usually adorn the walls of fish and chip shops. Fresh crays are popular and cones of calamari, there’s even a mobile brewery. We buy mussel fritters and a generous and tasty paella.

We continue on into town and finish lunch off with a beer and a bowl of chips at the Apollo Bay Hotel. It’s a peaceful haven away from the crowd.

Fishing trawler at Apollo Bay, Vic
Arriving for the Seafood Festival. What a shame the weather wasn’t better.
I reckon this King Crab is out of our budget!
Plenty of food, beer and music.
A brief respite at the Apollo Bay Hotel

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