Entally House

For anyone interested in historic homes this one in Tasmania is not to be missed. No, visit it a few times like we’ve done.

Built by convict labour in 1819 for Thomas Reiby, Entally House and Estate in Hadspen, Northern Tasmania is a reminder of the early days of the state. Thomas Reiby was to become Premier of Tasmania from 1876 – 1877 but the story of the Reiby family is much richer than that.

Thomas was the son of Thomas Reiby and Mary Haydock. Thomas Reiby Senior was a junior marine officer in the East India Company and he married Mary in 1794. She had spent 2 years in New South Wales after having been transported for horse stealing. Upon her husband’s death in 1811 Mary managed her husband’s trading and coal shipping company. She went on to become one of the country’s wealthiest and most successful businesswomen. Mary is featured on the Australian $20 note.



Entally House, Hadspen, Tasmania
Hadspen Map
Source: Google Maps

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