Cradle Mountain National Park

Last week’s episode of Back Roads on ABC TV that featured Cradle Mountain in Tasmania had me trawling through the archives. High up above the snowline where everything seems to wear a coat of moss, this old gate shows its age.

Cradle Mountain National Park, Tas

The mountain itself always captures the imagination.

Cradle Mountain, Tas
Iris River, Cradle Mountain, Tas

Note: For those considering caravanning in Australia, the Back Roads TV program is not to be missed as it showcases real people and real places. Life in the real Australia, the one that is beyond the cities.


6 thoughts on “Cradle Mountain National Park

  1. As a bushwalker from way back, I loved that Back Roads episode. I first walked the Overland Track at age 18 – back when females doing that sort of thing were a bit of a rarity.


    1. I’m envious, I’m the stroll for an hour type who always forgets to take water. On the day those photos were taken I was walking with a friend. We remembered the water but neither of us could open the bottles thanks to arthritic hands! Not that we needed the water it was freezing up there.

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      1. Cradle has thrown some interesting experiences my way, over the years. Spent a New Year’s Eve blizzarded into the old DuCane Hut, along with about 60 others, in a hut not meant to hold even half that many. Wish I could still do that sort of walking….


  2. Love “Back roads” and the last episode hit home as we have just recently been in that area and loved the murals at Sheffield. Unfortunately didn’t have time (or the energy any more!!!) to tramp in Cradle Mountain.


      1. I saw camel racing, but somewhere else and I’m struggling to remember where!!! Will have to look up archives. They are so much fun to watch.


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