Breakdown Blues – Days 54 to 60 – Going Troppo

Jul & Aug 2022 Mulambin, Qld

We’re walking the local beaches daily and Woody is throwing the weight off. The temperature hovers around the low 20’s. This is an easy life.

Walking back from Kemp Beach, I take note of the plants along the pathway, hoop pines, coconut palms, beach almonds, pandanus, and the undergrowth, poinsettia and lantana just to name a few. The beach hibiscus is home to the hibiscus harlequin bug, a stunning little orange bug with sparkly metallic green splotches on its back.

Hibiscus Harlequin Bug

We celebrate our 50th Wedding Anniversary and Woody organises a seafood lunch at our favourite spot the Keppel Bay Sailing Club for ourselves and The Prado’s. It is a perfect day with the sea sparkling and those stunning views of the Keppel Group islands. Tasmanian champagne and plenty of seafood sees us snoring in the sun for the afternoon.

I take another long walk along Mulambin beach. I find a nice wavy volute shell but I’ll have to find a way of removing the deceased hermit crab from within it.

Crikey what’s that smell?

KevnBev arrive, and park behind us. A much better site than last year when they were beside the pathway to the toilets.

We shop in Emu Park for prescriptions (oldie excitement) and wash the car while we wait. It’s a surprise to see bananas and paw paws hanging over the back fence of the car wash.

Bananas through a wet windscreen at Zilzie car wash

El Prado gives us some hot sausages that are called Johnny Cash. We cook them in the air fryer. We love hot food but these really stump us, yep ring of fire is accurate.

We convince KevnBev of the usefulness of air fryers in the van and they nip out and buy one for $32. Gosh, those things are getting cheap and obviously not affected by Covid and Ukranian War supply chain issues.



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