Camp Corona, is that light at the end of the tunnel or an emu with a torch up its bum?

Nah, probably just an emu. What a strange autumn we’ve had. It has been 9 weeks since we returned home from the Empty Esky Tour, closed our doors and began watching the saddening statistics on TV. At least here in Australia there have been highlights. Our regular shouted chats through the wooden back fence to the neighbours, one got a new hip, one got engaged. A contactless repair of the back fence holding bolts while an out of sight neighbour (who didn’t get a new hip or new fiancé) screwed and huffed and puffed. Youtube art classes on Sketchbook Skool. Nowhere near enough ukulele playing. Zoom happy hour catch ups with our caravan mates and daily walks. When the government tells you to walk, you must walk and we seem to be fitter. Woody is dropping the kilos and getting slimmer. On one wintry afternoon Woody stopped a solitary walker to enquire of a building that was being demolished. It was nice to chat with someone face to face even if it was across the roadway with a stranger. We chatted for quite some time before we realised that she and I had been in the same class in high school and probably hadn’t seen each other in 55 years. And surprise, surprise she’s a caravanner too.

Things are beginning to open up here. With careful baby steps, we can go for a drive now and more shops are opening. Schools are starting back and from June 2nd caravan parks will reopen to self- contained vans. This means that we can now travel through Victoria and New South Wales. Other borders are still closed but I can hear our van Priscilla cooing her siren song. It’s time to get her and the car serviced. But wait a minute didn’t I unpack almost everything back in March? Bugger, where’s the checklist?

My apologies Snaphappi I did get a little over zealous with feather detail of your kookaburra

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