Mulambin Mumblings – Doctor, doctor

Aug 2019, Mulambin, Capricorn Coast, Qld

Which we are told by the locals is pronounced M’lumb’n. Get your chops around that one.

 Being back in a busier area (almost a city) I visit a doctor in Emu Park to check on my aches and pains from my unexpected examination of the bitumen on a dark night outside the 1770 pub. Which will forever more be known as my ‘pub squash’. It’s a bright modern practice with a fine painting of an emu gracing the wall. A charming young doctor (they’re all young at my age) tells me that I’ve got a cracked rib and a torn shoulder, rest and painkillers should do the trick, he says, eventually. While there I receive my 70th birthday present from the government, a free shingles shot. Yippee, now the other arm is sore too.

 Woody’s brother, Woody the Elder and my sister in law, The Really Good Golfer pop around for drinks in our park and I soon discover that a lazy chardonnay under swaying palms is a really good pain killer.

Emu Park beach, Qld just a short stroll from the doctor’s office.

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