Service with a smile

2015 A rocky start to a Western Victoria tour

As we head along Eastlink tollway we remark that the car feels like it is dragging the caravan and we don’t normally notice much difference when the van is on. It is then that we see the electric braking system flashing a warning. As we’d only had the van serviced three weeks earlier we turn off the tollway to the service centre in Dandenong. Yes, they tell us the brakes are locked on and the problem is not theirs but with the braking system and that would have to be checked by our towing suppliers (and have a nice day). Thanks for nothing guys. We backtrack to Seaford where, within five minutes, the chap at Peninsula Towbars has replaced a fuse, the problem is fixed and no charge to us. At least now we know what to look for and that the fuses live in a box under the car bonnet (for American readers that’s the hood not a hat).

The next day we get 10kms out of Charlton in Victoria’s Mallee and Woody notices that one of the rear tyres has a slow leak, no rather a fast leak. Once more we are thankful for the Jeep’s tyre pressure display on the dashboard. We return to Charlton where there is a tyre dealer. The helpful chap finds the problem in minutes, a bent valve stem. He replaces it, checks all our tyres, including the four on the van and gives us a handful of valves as spares for the princely sum of $8. Now that is service with a smile. The rest of the trip was rather uneventful, except for the shooting in Mildura that is.

Grange Burn, Hamilton, Vic

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