Athletic Geriatrics

I recently visited my doctor with a suspected broken bone. She suggested that it was time for a bone density test. I just don’t think she understands us caravanners.

Afterall whenever I have a long lunch get together with my two longest friends, the little girls who used to live down the road and who are both now septuagenarian caravanners, we compare our most recent breaks and where we got them. “Oh, lucky we missed that waterfall, how was the road in? And the elbow’s working ok now?”

Get my drift?

If it’s not broken bones it’s muscle strains!

9 thoughts on “Athletic Geriatrics

  1. Some definitely don’t get it. When The Driver had his first hip replacement, his physician said it was time to consider moving in closer to medical services – from Lilydale!! That was before we spent the next 15 years roaming remote Australia…….


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