Byfield National Park

Friends have invited us for a picnic in Byfield National Park. They live about 20kms north of Yeppoon, Qld at Bungundarra on rich red soil. Their 20 acre farm and mango orchard faces east towards the blue ranges of Byfield. The area is lush with farms and I’ll swear that a concrete post would grow in soil like this. Dozens of magpie geese have taken up residence in the dam out front. We have morning tea on the terrace before driving along about 17kms of dirt road into Upper Stoney Camp Ground. This is a 4WD only camp ground and … Continue reading Byfield National Park

Rutherglen, the wine town

Established in 1860 when gold was discovered. The name of Rutherglen was decided upon when a local publican offered to shout the bar if he could name the town after his hometown in Scotland. Wine making is the mainstay of this area now after having fought back from being wiped out by phylloxera. Famous for its fortifieds, sweet, sticky and unctuous they’re enough to warm a winters evening by the fire. So important is wine to this town that even the Information Centre has a licence to sell wine and a visit to pick up a few brochures can turn … Continue reading Rutherglen, the wine town

An Ironic Twist

We’ve just returned from a complete change of pace. Leaving the car and caravan in the backyard for a change, we flew to Beijing for a week of culinary delights and sightseeing before catching a cruise ship which zig- zagged its way slowly south to Australia. The ironic twist? Well, a few months ago whilst camping at Rollingstone in Queensland we caught the ferry from Townsville across to nearby Magnetic Island. On this short trip we shared our seat with three ambulance officers who were on their way to pick up an islander who needed medical attention in the Townsville … Continue reading An Ironic Twist

Time for a break

Dear readers after 396 posts and a year of blogging I think it is time for a short break. I fell into this world of blogging quite by accident and like Alice in Wonderland I have become quite captivated by all that it encapsulates. Blogging has forced me to write more, photograph even more and share my view of Australia through the eyes of a grey nomad. Being a traveller I feel that I’ve had an insight into your lives in many corners of this amazing planet. I feel that I have come to know some of you even though … Continue reading Time for a break

Coombah Roadhouse

The Coombah roadhouse is the only roadhouse or in fact commercial building on the 266 kilometres of Silver City Highway between Wentworth and Broken Hill in south western NSW. This used to be known as the ‘Crystal Highway’ because of the amount of broken windscreen glass on the road but windscreens are better constructed these days. To break the monotony on this long straight north south highway, emus dash across the road when you least expect it. Whilst driving one tends to say “oh look there’s an emu running beside us” and before you know it he’s dashing across the … Continue reading Coombah Roadhouse