Who do you think you are?

  Seeing that we had the car checked over in Perth, I drop into the Broome clinic for my own checkup, oldies must be mindful of these things. So why is she writing about that you say? Well it was fascinating. I fill out the form and it asks for my ethnicity. I think, well that’s unusual at home they normally only need to know whether one is Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander or Other. So I give it a bit of thought then squeeze Anglo Saxon into the small space and hope that it is sufficient. Which leaves me thinking that … Continue reading Who do you think you are?

Sun Picture Gardens

We are in Broome, WA and when we notice that the Sun Picture Gardens has a screening tonight we race back into town to catch the 6:15 session. And what a show it is. It is like being a part of living history. The building is a three sided iron shed some of the canvas deck chair seating is under cover and some spills out into the open air. Palms and gardens line the fences and the screen is at the bottom of the garden. The toilets are located one on each side of the screen, so everyone knows when … Continue reading Sun Picture Gardens

Looking for Dinosaur Footprints

We’re feeling quite settled in Broome WA. Brian has chosen to forgo Japanese cemetery visits and rock hopping to cook dinner and I’m on a mission to see the dinosaur footprints. The tide is 30 mm below the required level for viewing them, yippee. People are wandering left, right and centre about the rocks as there are no marked pathways to get out onto the lower rock ledge. It’s a case of every man for himself and hope that you don’t break a leg. A mother is trying too hard to teach her kids about dinosaurs “now remember what I … Continue reading Looking for Dinosaur Footprints

Staircase to the Moon

Mindful of the time it’s off to Town Beach in Broome, WA to watch the Staircase to the Moon. We knew that the markets would be on here tonight but had no idea of what an event it would be. Loads of food, art and musicians. There’s even a lady who carves your name on a grain of rice. I wonder why one would want such a thing and if you did you’d be pretty upset if it ended up in Friday night’s risotto, wouldn’t you? Hundreds of people have gathered in this colourful melee and the crowds are edging … Continue reading Staircase to the Moon