Go West, Day 79 – Broome

Day 79

Sunday 24th May 2015, overcast, steamy

Barn Hill to Broome

It was a hot sweaty night but we slept well. The birds wake us up and the air smells wonderful. There are green tree frogs in the dunnies, on the wall and three peeking out from behind the toilet roll holder. As I flush the loo and one gets swept out from under the rim and down the toilet, oops! Our neighbour is having all sorts of trouble with his power supply (that which is strung lazily from the treetops). We have been instructed to only draw 6 amps. As we happily eat breakfast and sip our lattes he has to keep racing to the power box to flip the switch. I hope our coffee machine isn’t to blame.

Wandering cattle, wondering what we’re doing

This morning, at a T junction we turn left onto the Savannah Way, the road that we left in Normanton, Queensland last August, there have been a lot of miles in between. We head straight to the car wash to wash the red dust off the van. 

The Broome Caravan Park is shady and grassy (in explanation for the non caravanners, just the mention of the word ‘grassy’ can induce a sigh from most Australian vanners) and has a large pool. The Ollies having arrived ahead of us are quite settled in. 

Broome Caravan Park, feels like an oasis

Broome has a population of about 16,000 and it is a little difficult for us to get our bearings at first because it is like three small towns in one, Chinatown, Broome and Cable Beach in a rough triangle bordering the airport. The airport is very busy and the fact that Chinatown is directly under the flight path makes things quite interesting. I’m a huge fan of Matso’s ginger beer, so we collapse on the verandah of the Matso Brewery and have a beer and lunch overlooking the soft blue waters of Roebuck Bay. We’ve finally made it to Broome, our second leg!


Travelling Kms: 133Kms

Note: The Savannah Way crosses northern Australia from Broome to Cairns, The Nullarbor of the north I guess.

Map Source: WikiCamps

8 thoughts on “Go West, Day 79 – Broome

  1. We are leaving Busselton on Wednesday. Five nights after that we’ll be arriving into Broome Caravan Park. We weren’t intending to head north this year, but the cold has got the better of us. Can’t wait to get some sun.

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    1. Since writing this I’ve moved on…I was a Matso’s ginger beer tragic until I found …..Ginger Kid from the Harcourt Valley. They call it ripsnorting and I’d agree, at 8% it puts me to sleep on a warm day. Purely for medicinal purposes as my Nanna would say.


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