Staircase to the Moon

Staircase to the Moon, Broome
Staircase to the Moon, Broome

Mindful of the time it’s off to Town Beach in Broome, WA to watch the Staircase to the Moon. We knew that the markets would be on here tonight but had no idea of what an event it would be. Loads of food, art and musicians. There’s even a lady who carves your name on a grain of rice. I wonder why one would want such a thing and if you did you’d be pretty upset if it ended up in Friday night’s risotto, wouldn’t you? Hundreds of people have gathered in this colourful melee and the crowds are edging their way towards the point. We have no idea where the moon is going to pop up but do our best to secure a position. People have brought chairs and they are perched precariously above the (croc infested?) mud flats. Eventually there is a rose coloured glow in the sky and then the biggest orange moon rises above the sea and tidal flats and it is wondrous and much, much better than I’d ever expected. Gradually everyone drifts back to the party and drummers are drumming and its all colour and noise and lights and food, glorious food.

Drummers, Broome
Drummers, Broome

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