Endless Summer

Is it any wonder that so many Aussies hit the road every year in search of an endless summer? I recently read that there are a million people out there just travelling the country, that’s 1/24th of the population! To wake up to an Australian summer morning is ethereal and they’re doing it every day of the year travelling north to south and south to north chasing the warm weather. Oh the smell of new morning freshness wrapped in warmth and the prospect of a hot day. It’s a sound, it’s a feeling and the warble of a magpie. It’s … Continue reading Endless Summer

What a Tally

The giant Curtain Fig tree in Yungaburra on the Atherton Tableland in Queensland is far too large to photograph in its entirety but we do our best. One Japanese tourist lies prone on the boardwalk trying his best to ‘get it all in’. If that is not enough, my mate Cyril spots something way up near the top of the tree and starts to shriek. There’s a large dark shape groping about. We can’t believe our eyes, it’s a Tree Kangaroo. As a dozen gobsmacked tourists crane their necks he clambers about quite awkwardly. He’s certainly not as agile as … Continue reading What a Tally

Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend

Up in the Kimberley we take an early morning flight over Lake Argyle and out to the Bungle Bungles. With their unusual beehive domes they stand apart from the other ranges. On our return we circle the Argyle diamond mine. Originally an open cut mine they are now tunneling underneath the hillside and have now removed the whole volcano. The pilot tells us that the roads are paved with diamond dust, oh let me out here. Continue reading Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend

Mirrored Wardrobe Doors

Don’t you just love the way caravan manufacturers put mirrors on the wardrobe doors on either side of the double (sorry ‘caravan queen’) bed? You can only ever approach them sideways, that is unless you are anorexic, so it’s hopeless to check out how you look or even put on a bit of last minute lippie. In our pop top van they were the only mirrors that we had so I used to have to comb my hair using my reflection in the glass of the microwave door. Perhaps that answers the question why so many couples choose single beds on … Continue reading Mirrored Wardrobe Doors

Gentle Annie

It is a delightful spring afternoon, blue sky, puffy clouds, miles of grapevines and lush cow pastures.  The drive down the narrow King Valley in Victoria is idyllic and complemented by classical music. The towns of Moyhu and Whitfield are little more than hamlets. Edi is even smaller. There is a good camping reserve at Edi cutting, it is quite a large area beside the King River with toilets. It is free and although we haven’t stayed there it looks to be popular with the big rigs. We decide on the Gentle Annie campground at Whitfield which is also on … Continue reading Gentle Annie