Lost in Translation

When we checked in at the Big4 caravan park on the beach at Port Denison in WA the receptionist told us that the sunsets have been good and that we should grab an empty box and watch the sunset with a glass of wine. To explain that: a box is a cabin and WA law prevents you from drinking in an outdoor public place. So we took her advice and toddled off with our drinks to the verandah of an empty cabin and happily drank legally while watching nature put on a stunning show.     Continue reading Lost in Translation

Carnarvon Gorge, Qld

We turn off the highway towards the Carnarvon Gorge and wind through green grassy farmlands where the cows loll about. This is a hidden valley. In the distance the sun picks out the escarpments of Carnarvon. We pass the remains of an aircraft which crashed during World War Two killing the crew of Australian and US airmen, we are constantly surprised at the places where we find evidence of the war. We ford small creeks and the road turns to corrugated dirt for another fifteen kilometres. Woody grits his teeth. We cross Carnarvon Creek and enter Takarakka Bush Resort. Damn … Continue reading Carnarvon Gorge, Qld

Outdoor TV

Our club is camped at Nug Nug in the Victorian High Country. Only those with satellite dishes can get TV reception.  Some of us are My Kitchen Rules fans and have missed out on last night’s cook off. So our mate G re runs last night’s show on the outside TV on his new Patriot caravan. It is spitting with rain so there we are sitting out in the bush under a large tree staring at a TV screen muttering “you didn’t crumb it properly”. And I always thought that outside TV’s on caravans were pretentious. I stand corrected! Continue reading Outdoor TV

In Search of Cassowaries

We have plenty of time to meander so we visit Mission Beach in Far North Queensland (humourously called FNQ up here). The drive in is through thick rainforest a mass of vines. There are signs, one after another warning us.”Cassowaries cross here”. “Cassowaries have been seen crossing here recently”. How recently? We ask. “Speeding has killed Cassowaries”. OK, we get the message but we don’t see any. Two days and many more warning signs later, we drive out to Port Coquette which overlooks both Innisfail and the river mouth. High above the town in a cow paddock stands a Cassowary, … Continue reading In Search of Cassowaries

Rookery or Nursery?

It is early spring in 2012 when we visit Paynesville, Vic with a caravan in tow. Now that is a change for us as in the past we have spent so much time on the Gippsland Lakes just dagging about in boats. I’m surprised to find that the sandy little point at the entrance to the canal which always seems to be home to a lot of water birds has become a serious rookery, with nesting swans dotted everywhere. There are also pelicans, cormorants, ducks and water hens. I skirt the area, not wishing to disturb them and come within … Continue reading Rookery or Nursery?

Talbot Farmer’s Market

Up early and excited we bundle into El Prado’s 4WD for the short drive from Clunes to Talbot. It turns out to be the 12th anniversary of the Talbot Farmer’s Market and it is a beaut.  It is held on the 3rd Sunday of every month and has grown tremendously since we were last here. Yum Cha; magnificent pork buns, dim sims and spring rolls. Fresh vegetables; Black Russians, ears of corn and locally grown and freshly dug potatoes, still muddied. Rabbits and budgies. Chooks and piglets and Indian Runner ducks. Handcrafts and neck warmers. There’s even a lady who … Continue reading Talbot Farmer’s Market