What a Tally

The giant Curtain Fig tree in Yungaburra on the Atherton Tableland in Queensland is far too large to photograph in its entirety but we do our best. One Japanese tourist lies prone on the boardwalk trying his best to ‘get it all in’. If that is not enough, my mate Cyril spots something way up near the top of the tree and starts to shriek. There’s a large dark shape groping about. We can’t believe our eyes, it’s a Tree Kangaroo.

As a dozen gobsmacked tourists crane their necks he clambers about quite awkwardly. He’s certainly not as agile as a possum or a monkey and he doesn’t use his long tail to hold on. I’m shaking with excitement. The tally of fauna firsts on this trip is now, 3 lyrebirds, 1 cassowary, 1 tree kangaroo. What next?

Curtain Fig, Yungaburra
Curtain Fig, Yungaburra
Tree Kangaroo, Yungaburra

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      1. It is an area called the Atherton Tableland which is rich volcanic soil and crater lakes with these beautiful patches of rainforest. It is in our tropical north at an altitude of about 1000 metres above the city of Cairns. The soil and the altitude are perfect for fruit and coffee growing. Thankfully there are a number of National Parks in the area.

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